Watercress Beef Salad – Goi Bo Xa Lach Xoong:      12
Fresh watercress mixed with house dressing, topped with garlic marinated beef slices, tomato, picked red onions and fried shallots 

Papaya Salad – Goi Du Du:      10
Shredded green papaya mixed with house dressing, your choice of beef jerky, prawns, chicken or tofu, topped with fried shallots and fried peanuts

Mango Salad – Goi Xoai:      10
Shredded mango mixed with house dressing, your choice of grilled prawns, grilled chicken or tofu,  topped with fried shallots and crushed peanuts

Chicken Salad– Goi Ga   11
Shredded cabbages, carrot mixed with house sauce, coriander, topped with skinless/boneless chicken or duck in house dressing,